Founded in 2003 in Belgrade, Serbia, LucidTech D.O.O. provides innovative, practical and premium IT solutions, products, security and data analytics.

Since 2004 our team expanded with an office in Kragujevac, dedicated to quality of our IT products and services.

Our team of project managers, data analysts, decision modellers, programmer analysts, designers, quality insurance analysts, testers, data, system and network administrators, as well as network security analysts is always advancing, having the opportunity to work in various latest technologies and environments.

We operate predominantly within healthcare industry on a global scale, with three missions:

  • Finding evidence (creating healthcare data mining analytics and decision-modelling),
  • Proofing/demonstrating evidence (creating both web and standalone software),
  • Creating and supporting IT infrastructures.
We are a steady growth and a very proud company with 100% client and in-house satisfaction, over the last 14+ years.
Software development
  • You’re working in web programming for quite some time, want to learn more tricks of the trade and you're ready for action in the new surroundings
  • You're familiar with HTML and CSS for a long time, and you really like working on web design
  • You’re using JavaScript, manage with the pre-written libraries very well, and you find especially interesting to write your own coding solutions
  • You're fluent in English, both verbal and written
Then you are the right person for us!

Provide yourself an opportunity to continue developing your skills and abilities in a pleasant atmosphere, calm and stable environment, in a supportive team. Your efforts will be noted and appropriately awarded!

Send CV with the motivation letter to our e-mail: [email protected]

You are a person who doesn’t see an empty paper as such, but you’re filling it mentally with your creations. As a child, you easily spotted all the details in the world around you and painted them anywhere (even your mom’s favorite wallpaper... oops).

You have invested your time and efforts to develop your talent, nothing could have stopped you!

You see modern technologies as a fantastic opportunity to actualize your ideas in electronic form and share them with other people easily. You’re fascinated by the possibility to make your creations a part of the user interface of a web site or an application.

  • You made yourself very skilled with Adobe package
  • You know HTML and CSS and you want to work in web design
  • You're interested in printed design and enjoy especially when you have a finished product in front of you
  • You're fluent in English, both verbal and written
Contact us!

We're offering you an opportunity to translate your ideas into the real projects, in a team which will help you get directed to the right solutions. Make your creations come to life as a part of our software!

Send your CV with the motivation letter and portfolio to our e-mail: [email protected]



Dalmatinska 65A
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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Nikole Pašića 14/19
34000 Kragujevac, Serbia

+381 (34) 330-604

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